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2019: all news

The latest news and expert opinion from the University of Sydney

Latest news 洪江隆利永服务有限公司

30 December 2019


From high-powered rockets and ketone breathalysers to epilepsy prediction devices and cybersecurity: these are some of 2019's top engineering stories.
23 December 2019


The University of Sydney is once again the leading choice for high achieving students applying for an undergraduate degree in 2020.
19 December 2019


University of Sydney social scientists will help address fundamental questions about the development of politics and society as part of a new multimillion-dollar cross-university research project.
19 December 2019


You are walking east on a footpath and come to an unmarked intersection without traffic signals. A vehicle is driving north, across your path. Who has right of way in Australia? Pedestrians should, argues Professor David Levinson.
19 December 2019


The carbon footprint of the University of Sydney's share portfolio is the lowest it has been since the University launched its carbon reduction strategy nearly five years ago.
19 December 2019


It's been a busy year for our health and medical researchers. From our own research into diet, climate and vaccination to expert commentary on sports doping, measles and bushfires.
19 December 2019


PhD student Alexandra Green has published her research that shows dairy cows respond to positive and negative emotional prompts with individual 'voice'. She says the results have implications for farmers and animal welfare.
18 December 2019


From 'insectageddon' and saving our sea lions to an antidote for box jellyfish venom and the world's oldest semen, it's been a very busy year for our scientists. Here are just a few of their discoveries.
18 December 2019


Mary and Neveah Taouk suffer from a disorder so rare it has no name. Now, thanks to new research and a crowdfunding push, the sisters and their parents have a glimpse of hope.
18 December 2019


Since 1950, representations of mothers in ads did evolve. Yet, a mother's knowledge and expertise is still confined to consumption and the domestic sphere of family life, write Associate Professor Teresa Davis and authors
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